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The block trainer - is a German speaking Youtuber & blockchain expert. He has made a name for himself in the crypto scene with hundreds of videos on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain topics. Because unfortunately it is anything but easy good content to the relatively new technology & current market developments, yes and also in German We were really happy when we got to that years ago BLOCK TRAINER bumped - today it's a lot easier, but why?

Trainer? Blocks? Builder? - His name is no coincidence and it says it all! While the majority of the international 'Crypto-Youtube-Scene' take care of price speculation, chart analysis & the latest hypes and pump gossip, Roman, as he is called by his real name, has a real "Education mastermind empire"built up ... We just came up with this name because, as a loyal subscriber to the channel and the high-quality forum, we always like to talk to each other."Blockchain degree"subject to the fact that it did not exist in the German-speaking area and that it is definitely looking for its equal in this form.

Added value, Darknet - attention! - Next Julian Hosp, who is probably the best-known international crypto expert from Austria, counts Roman most definitely to the Youtubers, most of them real Added value in the German-speaking area into the network and, above all, into people's heads. In any case, we can only speak of ourselves in this regard, because we are extremely skeptical from the ground up ... (maybe this is also typical for the scene or generally human?) Critical from the start, out of experience with skepticism towards everything new and every counterpart to step. You could say our trust has to be earned really hard first. Because just like in the dark clubs of the scene or out on the street, there is unfortunately always a lot of crap & not always good intentions romping around on the net.

Sources of information ?? - In general, you shouldn't behave too naively online and question things, supposed truths, from time to time. For example, in this relatively young, still quite unregulated topic, it is part of simply bringing a portion of common sense with you, procuring several sources of information so that you can then form your own individual opinion from them. We just want to provide a few basic tips & personal recommendations on a topic that you will inevitably encounter sooner or later, but certainly in the near future. Just like you can alternatively take a look at the channel from Mirco from `Bitcoin2Go`, which has its Instagram channel of the same name and its website www.bitcoin-2go.de, also committed to informative content creation around and for the blockchain ecosystem with heart and soul. - "Knowledge is power - education is the key!" -

Paranoid & Darknet, Scam - Throughout the history of the Bitcoin there was always some overlap with our youth and culture scene, for example in the so-called Darknet / Darkweb, but later if you are interested more here. On YouTube, too, we have had to stumble across people on social channels again and again in recent years - and especially in 2017 - who have exploited your reach to advertise unclean projects, products or simply scams, i.e. fraud.

Lots of stumbling blocks - As a community, it is particularly important to us to save you these fatal "beginner mistakes", setbacks and disappointments and to reduce your risk to such an extent that you can assess it yourself. New people who are enthusiastic about this extensive and exciting topic are often extremely euphoric, mostly driven by greed, and victims of dubious promises. Unfortunately, many, in good faith, run straight into the hands of those who "morally highly reprehensible" pounce on ignorant, strangers to the market, how likely you and other normal small investors are. - Do not let yourself be tempted by price increases and exorbitant profit promises in advertisements and start by first acquiring at least a basic level of knowledge before you become active in the market.

Like Alice in Wonderland - It is actually the case that "crypto newbies" will often have to, and even want to deal with many other topics at the same time that many would not have thought of before. The so-called "Rabbit Hole", which is often cited as a result of the concentrated information overload, is certainly not something for everyone, but if it does, then virgins are thrust into this "crypto space" here. always with objective, cleanly researched NEWS and can above all count on personal, honest content and information preparation and their dissemination. 

What would Neo be without it Morpheus in the Matrix become? - In addition to a broader horizon to everything - that is - in the here & now, in your lifetime Dear reader - Right now at this very moment - is happening around you, everyone who deals a little longer with the blockchain, Bitcoin & Co will definitely become aware of one thing relatively quickly; "That Bitcoin Thing" is so much more than just "digital course-up-down"More than just one "speculative cyber money". What happens here really concerns us all!

INSANE IMPACT - You are reading these lines here, especially while the world is changing at a breakneck pace out there on an unprecedented scale. If you want to know why BLOCKCHAIN ​​will have a bigger impact on the earth than the invention of the printing press, the railroad & at the same time it will change more than, through the use of the Internet, itself ... "Yes, we are going that far the window and up to this conviction, up to this realization that has been cleared of all mistrust, it took a really long time. "....

Open Mind - After almost four years of paranoid-like constant skepticism, however, we can say with a clear conscience that THE BLOCKTRAINER is an incredibly honest, transparent, charismatic and intelligent dude, one of the good guys who is just who he is and who has noticeably enormous fun with it , with his professionally founded IT-technical background skills, which he has acquired over the years, to explain complex issues briefly and simply. 

One of the comments under one of his videos got it right to the point:

"If there were teachers who could convey such an interesting, actually extremely complicated topic + context, so well and easily understandable that one would also like to listen, then our school system in most subjects could certainly be broken down to 3 - 5 years. "

Enthusiasm + for the new ecosystem, as well as a technical one Basic understanding, but you should bring it with you so that you can follow the block trainer with its almost daily updates. Fortunately, he and his steadily growing team have already provided you with the right basic understanding with the Blocktrainer website, the Blocktrainer forum and of course the incredibly valuable video content of the last few years. 

CONCLUSION - We can, to be honest, as the only German Youtuber in this scene, really everyone (including and even our own family) without hesitation Find morerecommend to use the Blockchain, Bitcoin & Co would like to continue training and are almost - we would like to add this in conclusion - quite proud to see his channel grow so Imens from day to day. 

It's best to get a first impression yourself!

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