Foreword to the fire Rave On!®

The creation of the brand or brand 'Rave On!® '

The idea of ​​the brand 'Rave On!® 'was created in 2016 during a very long, varied after-hour. After a few legendary, tough but unforgettable holidays on various more or less legal & private holidays Raves, visiting a club and making a festival detour, we have once again arranged to meet in a quite large group for a communal after-hour. Actually, we never broke up. Generally in the whole year 2k16 it seemed to us as if school, work, other private life and the almost daily "partying" were blurred into one another and the many impressions and experiences burned together with loads of driving, good electronic music and a heartbeat rich in bass in our memory. At least one of us took turns knowing what was going on.
We found that it is somehow "uncool" to be a "running billboard" for large billions of corporations with three strokes and swooosh or "bling-bling" luxury brands, while we actually prefer to focus on ourselves and our fellow men and women especially ours Rave-Culture wanted to focus. It quickly became cool for us to prefer to wear sayings gym bags & shirts, just to walk around completely in black or in bi-color. The clothes shouldn't look fresh from the department store, but rather simple and ready 4 Rave!
We would all like to have crooked looks from "Snobbs & bad-tempered haters, with no taste in music" and understanding of our philosophy & fast music, just like a fat one "Rave On!"Cemented in your face and asked us" Man, why does every sport have something like a brand, Basketball players these, soccer players these, gangsters & hip-hop people those, even GYM, i.e. fitness people, always have a brand to define themselves, but for us RAVER there is nothing! "-" Yes man, I burn at an extensive one RAVE more than other athletes in a marathon! "You know what?! *"RAVE IS MY CARDIO!" - "Yes you! and when everyone else is flat, my synapses bounce in circles when I pull out my favorite set and yes, damn it. - What do I have to distribute sBASS at the DOPAMIN! - If you give up too early, you haven't been there late enough! Just keep dancing, keep going RAVEN - Fit THROUGH druffen or shuffle -
RAVE ON!"Because you can sleep enough later! Take the time and" Never let anyone stop you! "You are never too old to stay young. - Chill and relax and if you can get along with yourself, then go crazy and do what you are here for PLANET EARTH are. The only reason is to LIVE!
Never stop the fucking Rave!
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