Spotify: Use music streaming subscription for free

Spotify: Use music streaming subscription for free

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      Spotify is the world's most successful music streaming provider. Here we give you an overview of prices and functions, as well as a completely legal way to use Spotify for free for a longer period of time.

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      Spotify - the popular streaming service

      The music streaming provider has been since 2008 Spotify on the market - back then only in Sweden. Today the service has over 100 million paying subscribers and more than twice as many active users. Premium users of the service have ad-free access to around 40 million songs. While Spotify was a pioneer at the beginning of music streaming, some strong competitors have grown up to date, such as Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music. They all offer "audio-on-demand" ("audio on demand").

      In addition to music, Spotify now also offers audio books. All songs and audios are available to all platform users. The only catch: there are commercial breaks, both within and between the individual songs and playback files. In addition, the number of songs that can be skipped is limited. If you want to bypass this, you have to resort to a paid premium subscription. With it, songs can also be downloaded in the Spotify app and listened to offline.

      Spotify divides its paid portfolio into three different offers. All three subscriptions are billed monthly and can also be canceled on a monthly basis. In addition to a standard premium subscription, there is a discounted alternative for students and a slightly more expensive family variant, with which up to six premium accounts can be used.

      Overview of regular Spotify subscriptions

      Spotify subscription Free of charge Premium
      for a person
      (per month)
      - 4,99 9,99 14,99
      Free trial - 3 months
      Offline playback no ja
      Quality 160 kbit / s 320 kbit / s
      Minimum term - 1 Monat
      notice period - 1 day to the end of the billing period
      Status: June 2020, prices in euros.

      Spotify compared to other music streaming services

      In addition to Spotify, there are now other music streaming providers such as Amazon Music or Deezer. They do not differ significantly in terms of musical content. Few artists give the rights to stream exclusively to Spotify or any other streaming service.

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      A quite remarkable difference to the competition is the burgeoning podcast business, in which Spotify is increasingly investing. Many of the largest German podcasts (eg "Mischtes Hack" or "Fest und Fluschig") have exclusive contracts with Spotify. In this area, Spotify can be attributed to a kind of pioneering role among the music streaming providers. If you want to have a say in the latest episodes of the popular podcasts, you have to rely on the service.

      Use Spotify abroad

      Spotify premium users do not have any restrictions on use abroad. As long as there is an internet connection, the music can be streamed as usual. Only users of the app who have a free account have limited options. You can stream in another country for a maximum of 14 days. After these 14 days, you either have to change the country that is noted in the account or even take out a premium subscription. Otherwise the service can no longer be used.

      Personalize your Spotify profile

      If you want to refresh your Spotify account afterwards, you have the opportunity to do so, for example by simply adapting the profile name in the app's account. The streaming service also offers the user the option of changing the profile picture in the apps for Android and iOS devices with just a few clicks. The "Share" function can then be used to recommend the newly personalized profile in the social networks or via a message to the public or friends. Visitors to a profile can then see the user's favorite podcasts, titles and playlists in the form of tiles at a glance.

      Using Spotify together

      In the future, community users of Spotify should pay particular attention to the terms and conditions of the streaming giant. There you will find stricter controls for the use of a family account. In the future, only those who really live under one roof should be able to enjoy the discounts on a family account. How exactly the check turns out is not entirely clear. What is certain, however, is that many shared accounts have to fear that they will fall victim to stricter controls, as Spotify may have missed considerable sums of money so far.

      Use the Spotify app for free with cryptos

      Cancel Spotify

      If you want to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription, you can do so at any time. The termination will then take effect at the end of the current billing period. You should therefore cancel at least one day before the end of the billing period in order to avoid a further term of one month. The account will be switched to the free version as soon as the termination becomes effective. If that is not enough and the Spotify-Free variant should also be canceled (ie the Spotify account should be deleted), only a few clicks in the user account are necessary. In the "Account" area, the account can be permanently closed using "I would like to permanently close my Spotify account" and then confirm using "Close account".

      Spotify and Netflix free of charge with subscription

      If you are a customer of the MCO card, we would say "the cooler alternative to PayPal, Binance & Mastercard", you will receive full 100% cashback on your Spotify subscription, and if you want, you can also get your Netflix subscription. It does not matter whether you are a new or existing customer of the services.

      The only thing to do is to get one for free after successfully signing up Pre-Paid Visa Request a card from the app & link the payment method of your Spotify and Netflix accounts. You get the reimbursement regardless of whether you use both at the same time or only one of the streaming services. 

      For registration, after successful legitimation, you will receive an additional $ 50 (approx. € 48) credited to your account as a registration bonus. When entering the e-mail, the referral Code  34ijdvdkrr  enter and go through the new customer registration once in order to then link the two streaming services with it. App - CRO PAY - Payment - Crypto Payment

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