Rave On!® Team - Pink


Hellooooo Ravebuddys,

I am the Rosa-Maria, but also as RaveEule known and I love, live and celebrate techno. But I am also an "extremely romantic person, a little sensitive" and am always looking for new concepts & young DJ talents that we can support a little with our platform to help each other to become a little better known.

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Raver help each other and we understand our "mission" to further strengthen the community and to create a cross-national celebration community for techno & people Rave not only feels, but also loves and above all LIVES !! 

 "We all 🖤 Rave On! together 4 ever! " 


Dearest ones, sunny greetings yours Raveowl! 🖤

Good night 😘🦉 

More yet? - Coming soon...

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