Rave On!® Team - Alice

Hi, I'll be Alice then!

Yes, my real name is that and I'm relatively new to the family, since May 2020 Rave On!® 🖤 

I am really happy that I can contribute to my possibilities and will do my best to feed this wonderful project with content and to entertain you a bit. 😁

The best way to get to know me is to subscribe to our newsletter and check your inbox for "ALICE VON RAVE ON!® "is the sender. Here I like to tell you a little about my life. 

I am cheeky, always happy, am who I am and do not mince my words ... Except, well. You will find out more later.

We are not perfect, nor do we ever want to be. We are Raver and like to share! Therefore, if you find a typo, you are welcome to keep it to yourself. 😅🤫

Nice that you're there! 

Have fun with us and of course reading my newsletter. 

Chill greetings! 

Your Alice! 🦄


If you missed it, here are a few excerpts from my newsletter:

"" May 2020

Hi, I am Alice

and brand new to Rave On!®

Summer is coming, so put your winter jackets in the attic and make room for new ones!
In addition, the girls have now spent enough in the home office in sweatpants and gammelshirt.
It's time you felt beautiful and stylish again and lived it out!
So that you are safe on the go, I recommend the face masks for your protection and your absolutely stylish appearance in many variations!
You probably know "Rave on!® "wouldn't be"Rave on!® "if we weren't able to implement the whole thing in a scene-appropriate style and make the face masks glow.
To the LED Rave Mask >>>
Of course with free shipping from 50 € and stickers included!
From shirts and underwear to sneakers and jumpsuits for your appearance that attracts envious glances because you are dressed in trendy clothes again.
Throw the 2019 stuff aside and check out the latest ones now "Must-haves" and improve at Rave on!® and be the first to know the latest trends.
You can also use our >> SALE < Find heavily discounted goods where you are guaranteed to find something!
The GoodLife
Rave On!®
Stay healthy & see you soon! 🙏
~ Your Alice ~

 "" June 2020

 Hey dear ones! 

My favorite leaf is the marijuana leaf and you can see it on my clothes!
For all lovers who like to have made a detour to Amsterdam to enjoy the plant should read on this newsletter now!
I have created a great KIFFER - MUST HAVES list for you, which underlines your chilled vibes.

There is great for you girls casual weed - overknees!

This snapback is absolutely laser and a MUST HAVE for every type of hemp leaves as beautiful as I, but don't like green:
To Weed Leaf Snapback >>>

And girls ... if you don't count such casual weed leggings in your inventory, it's your own fault: 
To the 3D-Printed Weed Leggings >>>

This 3D print sweater in the color "Purple Haze" is an absolute dream .. But there is a catch!
Because this hoodie is not available in stores, but officially only with us!
So grab it now! 

For everyone who likes Batik & Best Buds this will be an absolute hit:
I love it myself 😍 To the shirt >>>
Oh, just let off steam in the comfort of the shop and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! 
I am looking forward to seeing you! See you soon dear ones!
Your Alice 😘🍁🌿 "" "


"" July 2020

Hi, here is yours again Alice from Rave On!®

👉Why predominantly creative people prefer to listen to electronic music? 
What thoughts do creative people have? 
"I am the person who sees the highway lights glitter and the tree leaves wave to me. Because the wind does not have the strength to blow away my positive point of view."
That is exactly what defines us all. 😎 We have the ability to think outside the box, to accept strange things with an open mind and to want to understand them.
And above all, creative people dress exceptionally cool!
Here I have brand new must-haves for you that underline your creativity:
For the ladies I have 
this week the 👇😎
Bodysuit Long Sleeve Mesh FlipBook
Sexy, or? If not kreativ power! 😋
something else...
Red or pale hair?
So indie swag looks like 
"Alice in Wonderland" nowadays from: 😍
You may NOW coordinate with your order!
"* Giving is fun! *" 😇
We pay on it and you get with that CODE: 
>     SWAG    <
up to and including Sunday 🔥  55%  🔥
on these two shirt designs from us! 
"NiCe PrIcE! - Not true!?!" 😋😁🙀

Alice in Wonderland Blonde Swag Jack Daniels and tattooedNICI - Alice in Wonderland Swag Red Hair IndieAlice in Wonderland Indie Swag Red Hair

Nici has definitely made up her mind 🤗😍😘


The with memories

For all those who want to 

... set memories 

....... instead of just dreaming: 🚀

 ~ NOT DREAM (💲buy NOW!) ~

DIE WITH MEMORIES NOT Dreams - Rave On!® - premium shirt

DIE WITH MEMORIES NOT Dreams - Rave On!® - premium shirt

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~ Your Alice ~


"" August 2020

Hey Rave On crew!

A few months ago I noticed that my headphones are pretty quiet.

I thought it was because of the "new" EU standards for volume control.

I can only tell you one thing about this ...

Techno without bass is like sex without orgasm ...

Well, both headphones worked, but were still way too quiet.

Even with an extra app that can increase the volume by 200%, it was still not a real musical enjoyment. 😩

Since we're talking about techno music, I have something for you 😎👇 (click!) 👇 

Rave On! Phone case for SamsungRave On! Mobile phone case for I-phoneRave On! Mobile phone case for Huawei


Samsung - Iphone & Huawei

"Protect your cell phone from the quilting feet, should it fall down"


You can also dry yourself off while dancing with this one ...

SPEED shirt

Almost like with ... 👆 "TEMPO"

And this is for the absolute TECHNO nerds among you:

>> TECHNO - Elements <<

For those who would like to have this saying close at hand when they are at the Raven is talked about:



The best for last... 

Here an absolute Insider tip! 

Do you want to know the two streaming services like me Spotify and Netflix complete for almost a year free Use? 

>> Then click here! <<


Have a good time through August, my friends! 🖤🦄

Rave On!®

One more thing ... These glasses are something 🤪 Crazy 

kaleidoscope Rave Shine Hair and Beard Oil

kaleidoscope Rave Shine Hair and Beard Oil

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~ Your Alice ~

"" September 2020

 "" October 2020

 "" November 2020  

 "" December 2020

... and a new year !! 😍 🙌


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