Rave On!® Team - Tamino

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Next up with Dave:

Thank you for your interest & your positive vibes! What would we be without our strong community, what would we be without you? I am very happy that you are here and I am called you in the name of Rave On!® here on our platform, our shop 🖤 Welcome! Who I am? What exactly am I doing here and where do I come from? 

Is that really that important? .. Let's say; I am the "baseline" ... The leading measure, which is the same as the schizophrenic, constantly alternating tone in a self-contradicting melody of a never-ending bass-charged Raves with harmonious and at the same time abnormally hard transitions. At least one thing is certain.

Somehow I'm off the norm, we Raver are all different somehow. If you too have been duly initiated into the scene, you will understand exactly what I'm getting at amid all the confusion and maybe you will feel it too.

Whether you feel at home musically on Metal, Rock, Reggae, Goa, Psytrance, Folk, Indie, HipHop or even Electro, is not that important in itself, but you will certainly get a little closer to the whole thing if your heart occasionally like a metronome beats to the beat of your favorite beats and music plays a central role in your life as well as in that of your loved ones and fellow human beings.

You understand when you not only hear music, but feel it and at times always feel something special about it. But do we want to be special? Not really, right? But you are! You are unique, weird, you are so much more! You will understand me. Sooner or later, because ... "Rave On!"means so much more!

... Nice that you're there! 🖤


RAVE ON!® STORYBOARD (Still in Progress)
    • Rave On!® - CHAPTER ONE
    • Rave On!® - CHAPTER TWO
    • Rave On!® - CHAPTER 3/3
    • Rave On!® - ESCAPE
    • Rave On!® - FlyHigh FOCUS
    • Rave On!® - TRIP with us! 
    • Rave On!® - PARTY 44,19
    • Rave On!® - CHEESE-CAKE
    • Rave On!® - SNOWFLAKES
    • Rave On!® - HARDFORK
    • Rave On!® - Plenty BUBBLE
    • Rave On!® - DAYSRAVER
    • Rave On!® - NEXT NORMAL
    • Rave On!® - BE STRONG
    • Rave On!® - NEW ORDER
    • Rave On!® - FLIPPER
    • Rave On!® - Mollie X-Ray
    • Rave On!® - PLANLESS
    • Rave On!® - REMEMBER
    • Rave On!® - REWARDS

Coming soon ....

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