Rave On!® Team - Nici


Hey dear ones,

I'm Nici and Dave brought me on board very early on. He always thinks I am the 'good soul' of 'Rave On!® ', but I've got the thick of it all! And on the head - in red😜👊

I'm a colorful, loving and lively person, I'm more of a realist and don't bite! Well, as long as I am not completely stupid and shoot me abnormally across the board, I am also a fairly tolerant person, based on the motto "live and let live". 


The Alice Indie Swag Shirt was basically created according to my model and I have to admit, I love it !! Because it hits me like that; Pretty good! 😅🙏❤️

I help where I can and I am busy building some structure, but we are Raver, far from perfect. We don't want to be that either! We are crazy, hard-working virtuosos and are happy that you found your way to us! 


Eat sleep Rave Repeat! 

# # #

 "We all 🖤 Rave On! together 4 ever! " 

... and best regards! 

Your Nici😘

More? Keep calm - Coming Soon ...

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