Rave On!® Team - Bonnie


Call me Bonnie because that's been my nickname for a long time 🤫

Okay folks, I'm probably the team's “modern hippie bride”! 🙈✌️😋

I like old music, distant countries and adventure! Raves under the starry sky, feeling the bass, dancing until morning. Be crazy, be boisterous and yes - especially guuuuuutes weed 😜

I'm new to the team at RaveOn! ® but in my heart I've been with it for a long time! 😉 And why? Because it's just damn awesome! Our RaveFor me, community means friendship, family, attitude to life, thinking ahead and so much more.

You will always hear something from me, I do something here and there. Have you already discovered my Bonnie's tips? Nope? Then look! 😜 

This community is growing all the time, and so are each of us. There is so much to learn and so much to share! So folks, let's grow together, because together we can make a big difference! Let the Rave grow !!

Keep in touch partypeoplezz ❤️
and one peace one love you know ✌️

Your Bonnie 😘

PS: With my code BONNIE you save 11% on your purchase ❤️❤️