Rave On!® Team - Anna

Hi guys, my name is Anna!

You see me on one or the other picture Rave On!®. In addition to my training, I take care of marketing and whatever comes up. I am happy to be there! Like my neighbors, I will do my best to inspire you with the best music in the world. You have no choice, because TECHNO HAS TO BE LOUD !! That's why I'm also called tekknoanne, because as long as I'm single, I only let myself be from the BASS ... B .. (you know! 😉) 

This shirt here >>> belongs to my favos and also reflects my character well😅 and this is mine Favorite crop top >>> on the My favorite techno club is shown. 

This extremely practical & cool WINDBREAKER JACKET from Rave On!® is absolutely amazing & next to this one belongs to my chillest Favorite jogger to my favorite outfit. 

Nice that you are here and accompany us on our journey! 

"With the Code tekknoanne By the way, you get 11% discount on everything! 

But 🤫 🤫 pssst, the boss mustn't see that! " 

Best regards, your Anna! 🖤😜

Rave On!!! 🙌😁🙌

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