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Netflix - use it for free! The Popular Streaming Service - An Overview and How You Can Stream for Free

Started in German-speaking countries Netflix its streaming offer in September 2014. In the meantime, many Internet users can hardly imagine a life without documentaries, series and films that can be accessed at any time. Netflix is ​​a so-called Video on demand service ("Video-on-Demand Service"). This means that a large number of films and series can be streamed over the Internet with one membership. After registering, the Netflix offer can be tested free of charge for 30 days - then the user can choose from 3 subscriptions if interested.

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Netflix -New Series & Movies

These subscriptions have a minimum term of 1 month and differ both in the number of devices that can simultaneously access the content of the service and in the image quality in which the films or series are played on the desired device. The latter is of course also dependent on the hardware and the Internet connection. The monthly basic fee includes all content available on Netflix (currently around 1000 series and 2600 films) and there are no other “rental fees”.

Overview of Netflix subscriptions

Netflix subscription Basic Standard (HD) Premium (Ultra HD)
Simultaneous devices 1 2 4
Quality SD HD HD / 4K / UHD
(per month)
7,99 11,99 15,99
Minimum term 1 month
notice period 1 day to the end of the billing period
Status: June 2020, prices in euros.

Netflix compared to other streaming services

An immense advantage over other video-on-demand services (VoD for short) lies in the self-produced content. For example, the political drama started House of Cards on Netflix in February 2013 and was awarded 3 Emmys in the same year. Other series and films were also nominated for major film awards and some of them won the coveted trophies. The company also produces sequels to series that have been discontinued by the original producer / TV broadcaster. The entire range of series and films on Netflix leaves little to be desired. As with most video-on-demand providers, the content on Netflix is ​​available in German, the original soundtrack and in selected languages ​​and subtitles.

The streaming service is regularly expanding its offering, so that Netflix users can check out every month New releases can look forward to.

Netflix on Different Devices - Netflix, Inc.

Netflix can be used on almost all internet-enabled devices. Whether over the Web browser or via an app on a smartphone, tablet, game console, smart TV or set-top box - the user has the choice. With the help of the app for Amazon Fire, Windows 10, iOS (from iOS 9.0) or Android (from Android 4.4.2) you can even find a large number of the offers can be used offline so that, for example, the data volume does not have to be used when traveling. It should be noted, however, that the downloaded series or films are only available for a certain number of days and the number of times the episode or film can be downloaded is also limited.

In addition, Netflix offers several user profiles, e.g. for underage users for whom only certain (relevant) content should be available. Furthermore, the respective user can see which media he has already viewed or at which point the series or film was paused and can continue right where he left off. After a film or series has been watched, there is the possibility of a rating: Based on the rating, recommendations from Netflix are suggested.

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Use Netflix abroad

Netflix content is available in over 190 countries. During a trip within the EU, the range of titles and options (audio, subtitles, etc.) are the same as in Germany. Outside the EU and during longer stays in other EU countries, the options and content available change. If the stay in an EU country is longer, the title offer will be adapted according to the selection in the respective country. The user will be informed of this by Netflix. Abroad, it can also happen that there are different age ratings and therefore the settings for the parental controls have to be adjusted.

Cancel Netflix

If you are no longer interested in the Netflix offer, you can cancel your membership at any time at the end of the respective billing period. If there is renewed interest in this streaming service within 10 months of the termination, the contract can be reactivated and the profiles and settings, such as My list or Recommendations for you, remain.

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Netflix and Spotify for free with subscription

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As immediate cashback, the subscription price is refunded back to the account every month. It does not matter whether you are a new or existing customer of the services. 

After successful registration, the free Pre-paid Map of the app request & link the payment method of your Netflix or Spotify account. You will receive the full reimbursement immediately, regardless of whether you use both streaming services or only one of the two.

(You will receive this message immediately after paying your monthly subscription fee - very pleasing!) 

For registration you will receive, after successful legitimation, an additional currently round € 50,00 on your account as Sign up bonus credited.

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