Is the app and its pre-paid Visa card worth it?

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      Pay with the app - Cashback, discounts & sign-up bonus

      Since October 2018, the blockchain startup has been offering so-called MCO Visa cards with leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) top up and withdraw and pay anywhere in the world free of charge. With the wallet app developed by, customers can securely buy cryptocurrencies and convert them to local fiat currency.

      The company has been offering its MCO Visa Card holders free Netflix and Spotify subscriptions since March 2019. Users who pay for their subscription with the MCO Visa card will receive a 100 percent discount on the cost of their plan, depending on the type of card they signed up for.


      The platform offers customers who have the first two of the five bonus levels of the Visa Card a 10 percent discount on Expedia bookings. Premium customers get 10 percent cashback on Airbnb reservations. also gives every cardholder a cashback on all purchases, which is between 1% and 15% depending on the card type.

      The five bonus levels refer to the amount of Monaco tokens (MCO) that customers have on their Visa card. There is no fixed minimum amount of MCO tokens for the lowest level, but further advantages are unlocked the more MCO tokens are used.

      Users of the app can check out with Pay Receive a discount of up to 10% through the Pay Rewards program.

      Customers the who Using the app for the first time and creating a new customer account will receive a one-time registration bonus of $ 50 (approx. € 48) in the appif the code below is used to log in:

      Get $ 50 with CODE:          34ijdvdkrr

      Download the app here. down: Rewards - Referral Sign Up with crypto


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      Receive among other things 100% cashback on Spotify, Netflix and your Amazon Prime subscription, as well as a 10% discount on flights booked with Benefits - Netflix, Spotify, Amazone Prime, Expedia

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