Apple Music - Apple's streaming service

Apple Music - Apple's streaming service

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      The music streaming service Apple Music offers a variety of functions. In our guide we give an overview of prices and functions.
      In June 2015, Apple launched its in-house music streaming service. Initially, streaming music could only be used with the Apple operating systems of Mac, iPhone or iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV (macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS) as well as with Windows operating systems using Apple iTunes. Barely a quarter of a year later - in autumn 2015 - a version for Android users was launched. Browser access, which competitors (e.g. Spotify) have been offering for a long time, has only been possible since 2018 using a MusicKit.

      The structure and resources for a music streaming service from Apple had been in place since 2003 - however, company founder Steve Jobs showed a negative attitude towards music streaming. According to a 2003 Apple Special Event, Steve Jobs believed that individual songs would be heard for life - not like movies that are only viewed a few times. For this reason, the company's founder, who died in 2011, turned down a subscription model for music.

      This is what Apple Music offers

      In addition to streaming numerous music videos, over 60 million songs or from many radio stations, Apple Music also offers other features. For many songs, the lyrics can be read or sung along while listening. Every day, Apple also offers its users personal recommendations of artists, songs, playlists or radio stations that match their own musical tastes. As an additional source of inspiration, there are ready-made playlists of various genres. The global charts and projects of favorite artists are also available as playlists. Songs, artists or playlists can also be selected using the Siri voice assistant.

      Apple Music at a glance

      Students Individual Familys
      price per month 4,99 9,99 1) 14,99
      Free trial 3 months
      Number of users 1 1 6
      Offline playback ja
      Advertising no
      Number of songs 60 million
      Status: June 2020. Prices in euros.
      1) There is also the option of booking an annual package for 99 euros.
      Apple offers a total of 3 subscription models for its music streaming service. After 3 free trial months, the subscription costs 9,99 euros per month (alternatively: 99 euros per year). For students with relevant evidence, the basic monthly fee is reduced to 4,99 euros. Furthermore, Apple offers a family subscription for 14,99 euros per month. In contrast to the competition, such as Spotify or Deezer, the Apple family subscription can expressly be used regardless of where you live. In order to use the family subscription with up to 5 people, everyone must be part of the same Apple family and have an Apple device.

      Anyone who is no longer interested in Apple Music's offer can cancel their membership at any time at the end of the respective billing period.

      Apple Music on different devices

      Apple Music can be used on different devices. The streaming service from Apple can be used on iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch, AppleTV, Mac and HomePod. On Windows, Apple Music can be used with the current version of iTunes. The Apple Music app is required on Android, Sonos or Amazon Echo devices. In the meantime, many cars also support the CarPlay service, with which, in addition to using Apple Music, other functions of the iPhone, e.g. Make calls, navigate or use other apps.



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