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There are amazingly beautiful people here | www.rave-on.de
    Hi Raver! Ravebuddys & Ravegirls! 
    What is a "Raver "? 
    Which does ______________ mean "Rave"? 
    Why "Rave On!"? 
    ... You will find out all of this >>> Here! 


    We always address our customers like friends, with a polite "you" and would like to leave out the "you". Our product description should also address you directly as a person. 
    I hope this is okay with you.
    Who we are...
    We are a handful of young, ambitious people from the scene and create this new home with a lot of sweat, love and work for you and all people with a real one Raver heart! 🔊


    We are there as a no-budget company, but with a huge vision started and couldn't imagine where that would lead ...


    Over 25.000 fans & 18.000 orders later, which, mind you, were processed with just a few hands, we continue to try to keep our range very broad and, despite the economic circumstances and great awareness of quality, to keep the prices as low as possible. 
    We did not start out as a "profit company" and we absolutely rely on ours when it comes to marketing Raver friends and the growing word-of-mouth community.

    Nice that you're here!


    'Rave On!® '
    ... is a protected trademark.
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    Be part of the growing community
    be part of Rave On!® 
    High XNUMX and we are looking forward to hearing from you!


    Best regards, 

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    Never let anyone stop you! Rave On! I rave-on.shop
    "Get out of line and don't let others stop you! From it, to live your good life as you want & with what you want!" 
    ~ Rave On!® ~


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    We hand over donations in kind and unsalable returns to the station mission
    We regularly donate a percentage of the turnover to Diakonie Deutschland
    Rave On!® 


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